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Whether it's competing in a pageant, or living life, I am here to walk your journey with you!  Drawing on my own pageantry winning experiences, as well as those pearls of wisdom gleaned from traveling my own journey, my heart's desire is to share with you all what life has given me. 

Traveling a life of sorrow and heartbreak in care-giving for loved ones through sickness, tragedy and death, including losing my husband to cancer when I was 29 years old; to becoming a national-winning pageant coach and national-winning queen, life has given me delicious morsels of truth to impart to you for living a life of hope, love, and joy; and rising above the chaos to become a winner on stage... and in life! 

In pageantry, it was an honor to make history in the Miss Plus America pageant organization in 2011 by winning my national title of Miss Plus America Elite, along with winning several accolades; as well as being bestowed with the first-ever lifetime Ambassador title of Miss Plus America Essence in 2014.  Not a competitor any longer, but now a national-winning pageant coach, my record exhibits taking clients to the top with national wins and top placings.  It is always a privilege to be invited into a woman's heart and begin the beautiful process of sculpting a winner in all areas of competition; from wardrobe to stage presence to interview and platform development, and all in between. 

My journey has also given me opportunity to become a published model with three magazine covers, editorials, and web site modeling; as well as helping to make plus-size fashion history on the runways at Austin and LA Fashion Weeks.  I am also a published author of my first book, Spruced UP …inspirations for living!

My heart is in giving to others, and it has been an honor to receive the Philanthropist of the Year Award with Texas Women in Business and the Godly Girlfriend Movement, the Miss Plus America Humanitarian Award, recognized for philanthropy by the Greater East Austin Youth Association, and a finalist for Philanthropist of the Year with Austin Fashion Week. My life motto is “Love, Live, and Give… it’s a matter of the Heart”, and feet were put to this by founding my charity Flip Flop to the World in 2012 (formerly Flip Flop to Nigeria), where new flip flops are collected and sent to the poor and orphans in various countries around the world.  To-date, over 30,000 pairs of flip flops have been distributed to the poor and orphans, the under-served and less fortunate in

Nigeria (5 years), Mexico, Puerto Rico, USA, Philippines, Haiti, India, and Kenya!

Join me in seizing, living, and traveling a beautiful and winning journey! ♥


If you would like to schedule a coaching consultation, or would like to book for speaking to your organization, please fill out the form below.

From pageant coaching to managing her charity, Spruce is active and on mission locally, globally and in hearts!  The common denominator in her life's activities is sharing hope, love, and encouragement with others; desiring to inspire them to Love, Live, and Give.  Whether it's winning on the pageant stage, or choosing to live life... it's about taking the journey. ♥

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Pageant Coach Spruce Dickerson


Sole to Soul coaching

As a national-winning pageant coach, I will give you the tools and techniques to help you give your best performance on stage.  

We will work on hair/makeup, wardrobe, stage presence, posing, interview, and all in between.  And, my sweet spot is... PLATFORM development.

Not only will we work on the outward attributes, but most importantly, we will work on the heart with some good soul-searching.  What is presented in the attitude begins in the heart.

It is my desire to travel your pageantry journey with you.  I coach to WIN--- in pageantry... AND in life!

Speaker Spruce Dickerson


Speaking to Motivate Living's a matter of the Heart!

Inspiring and encouraging others  through my stormy journey, it is the desire of my heart to instill hope and life in the lives of your audiences. 

Most of my life has been a journey of heartbreak, but I weathered the storm, and stood toe to toe with the blackhole of life.  I would love to share my life, and my heart, with your organization in how I found solace and purpose in my journey; as well as, how I became a winner in life through my storms!  The joy of my heart is to encourage your audiences to not give up --- to keep on seeking and living.

Flip Flop to the World logo


to the world

GIVE... so that others can Live! ♥

Flip Flop to the World was founded in 2012 by Spruce Dickerson, during her reign as Miss Plus America Elite.  The Mission and Purpose of FFttW is to send hope, love, and encouragement through $1.00 flip flops to the poor and orphans throughout the world; while at the same time providing protection for their feet. 


Each year during our summer collection campaign, 55-gallon collection barrels are placed in businesses throughout Central TX for donations of new flip flops.  Or, they can be mailed in.  Our annual flip flop campaign benefits a different Country of Focus every year.  Please, join our family!

To-date, over 25,000 pairs of flip flops have been distributed in Nigeria (5 years), Mexico, Puerto Rico, USA, Philippines, and Haiti!

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the queen's journey

Gleaning the pearls of wisdom through life's travels, and imparting them to others.

Through Spruce's writings, she desires to share her heart with you so as to encourage you in your journey.  She will impart hope, love, and encouragement in hopes of helping to ease your storms, inspire you to live, and for you to know that you are loved and not alone.  

The Queen's Journey is the official umbrella for Spruce's books and blog.

I am here for YOU!  Let's travel life together! 
Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation to begin Your pageantry journey, or to discuss your needs for a speaker.


Please let me know how I can help you or your organization.

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