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A to Z CONSULTING (full program)




$250 per month

  • Unlimited phone/text/Messenger communication consulting time

  • Zoom, or in-person studio will be used for walking/posing, interview instruction
    (client pays for studio rental)

  • Hour and a half time limit for in-person sessions

  • Private, personal album will be set up to do our wardrobe work


American Beauties Plus 2019 Leamona Woodley
Misti gown.
American Beauties National 2019, Lisa Martin WINNER!
Mrs Williamson County America & Top 20 Mrs Texas America 2015.jpg
Kristina Green - Miss American Beauties Elite 2017.jpg
MS Plus America Angela Szpak.jpg
Mrs Texas America Top 20....jpg
Ynette Evans, 2015 MISS Plus America 2nd Runner Up..........jpg
Mrs Georgia America 2017.jpg
Pageant Coaching: Programs

"The crown should not be self-serving, but for serving others." ~Spruce Dickerson

*Heart work/Diamond mining ♥

*Judge's interview

*Platform development

*On-stage question



*Stage presence



Spruce Dickerson Coaching



Having coached women to national and state crowns, I have the tools needed in order to help YOU become a winner, too! 

After competing three times in my State pageant, winning multiple awards, and placing in the Top 5 each year but not securing winning the crown, I was given the opportunity to compete at my first-ever National pageant in that third year.  Being I did not win my state's title, I competed on the national stage as a delegate-at-large, representing another state which did not have a state pageant.    


At the national Miss Plus America pageant, I won the highest overall points among all fifty-six contestants competing, and was crowned Miss Plus America Elite 2011, along with winning the Model Portfolio competion.  Then, in 2014, I was bestowed with the first lifetime Ambassador title of Miss Plus America Essence, representing what our Miss Plus America pageant system represents.


The journey of pageantry is beautiful.  You will have fun, form friendships for life, be a member of a lifetime sisterhood, and create memories that will bless you for a long, long time.  But, pageantry is much deeper than that.  Pageantry offers an individual the opportunity to grow personally, and become educated in so many areas of self and life.  It really is a journey in getting to know oneself.  Plus, it provides a platform to serve others within your community and the world.  These last two aspects of pageantry is what really delights my heart.  

When a woman asks me to coach her, inviting me into her heart, that is a great privilege.  It is as though I am pulling up a chair to your heart and staying awhile; walking hand in hand with you as you glean the pearls of wisdom along your journey.  This SO blesses my heart!  And, I hope to be a blessing to you.

I know what it takes to be a queen, along with knowing the value of determination and perseverance.  We must set our sights, stay the course, have faith, and be committed.  If we bring our best to the table, and it's meant to be... then it will be.

"It's not about the crown, it's about the journey."
~Coach Spruce Dickerson

Crow inside heart

Spruce has one specific request for her clients... 

To focus and be committed to the process, and want it more than Spruce wants it for you.

Miss Plus America Elite 2011
Woman walking a dirt road w/heels in hand
Pageant Coaching: Testimonials


Hands down, the BEST coach there is.  Spruce listens to your dreams and turns them into reality with her visions!!!!  You will NOT be disappointed, so take that leap and let her guide you along your journey!!!!
Misti Johnson-Appleby
Pure International Classy MS TN 2022


After much research and deliberation I chose Spruce Dickerson to help mold me into the Queen I am today. Not only is she Miss Plus America ELITE 2011, but she too competed more than once for the title. Our journey together has been life changing. To me, it was about getting to know myself, my heart, and what I wanted my future to hold. Spruce helped me find that, and by doing so I won the title of Mrs Plus America. If you are about to embark on your pageant journey, I encourage you to consider hiring Spruce for your coach.
Kristina Green
2017 Miss American Beauties Plus Elite

2015 Mrs Plus America

Spruce helped me step outside my comfort zone. She gave me the confidence and encouragement to be part of the pageant and to continue being a Queen, on and off the stage.  This is why I find her to be one of the best, if not the best, Queens; she is a true people’s Queen. Spruce doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk, too!
Estela Delgado
2012 Mrs Weslaco Plus America


Joining the Mrs. Texas America pageant and having Spruce as my coach rewarded me with more than I expected and hoped for. She rewarded me with something beyond what a glittering crown and sash can give. She rewarded me with something beyond the physical beauty of gowns, shoes, jewelry, hair, and make-up. Spruce rewarded me with my personal mission in life, and helped me transform my golden tears of losing my sister and father to cancer into pearls of wisdom.  Spruce put a name to my tears:  The Heart of Cancer.  She and her precious coaching skills will always and forever be a huge part of my personal mission, and the mission of my charity.
Eleanor "Cheng" Butler

Top 20 Mrs Texas America 2015
2015 Mrs Williamson County America


"Git-R-Done" pretty much sums up the energy, ability and tenacity of Spruce Dickerson. Her background, training and experience enable her to evaluate a situation; assess the resources available; and develop a protocol to achieve success.  And gracing all of her talents is her ability to communicate confidently and encourage cooperation to complete the process to the goal.  She is always able to find within herself and elicit from those with whom she works, the inner strength and resolve to stay the course and not lose Faith. My husband and I saw this first hand as Spruce worked with our daughter to prepare her for the Ms Plus America Pageant 2013.

Angela had competed in 2012 and was overwhelmed with the amount of preparation that the other contestants had undergone prior to coming and which she had not.  Spruce agreed to coach Angela in 2013 and the process was amazing to watch.  Spruce reached into Angela’s very core and transformed her into a seasoned competitor; recognized early on as a major contender. 


Spruce helped Angela achieve an aura and philosophy of graciousness and confidence and a style that is sincere and welcoming. Angela believed in herself but was reluctant to showcase her talents, her platform or her abilities. Spruce was able, on Skype no less, to teach Angela the pageant walk, carriage and perspective.  Spruce helped Angela to showcase herself without an attitude of arrogance or entitlement. Angela is a caring and compassionate person and Spruce strengthened these aspects of Angela’s personality and complemented them with the knowledge that she, Angela, could help others by reaching out to them. Angela became a true ‘Queen’, she knew that she could take the philosophy of Ms Plus America and use it to bring the same traits to other women; women who are beaten down and afraid to celebrate themselves or their lives.

We are very proud of our daughter and all she has done, and we are so blessed that Spruce was able to help Angela become a force that will empower so many others to believe in their possibilities.


Dr. Michael and Mrs. Sylvia Szpak



"The crown should not be self-serving,
but for serving others."
~Coach Spruce Dickerson

*** The Monday after Pageant Week ***

Be encouraged, Queen... you still have life!

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