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Gleaning the pearls of wisdom through life's travels, and imparting them to others through inspirational writings.

Through the writings of Spruce, she desires to share her heart with you so as to encourage you in your journey.  She will impart hope, love, and encouragement in hopes of helping to ease your storms, inspire you to live, and for you to know that you are loved and not alone.  

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A journey of trials, cloaked in pain, Spruce Dickerson wants to share her journey through much of her life through personal inspirational thoughts, sayings, and scriptures that lifted her from the murky mire, and helped her walk in hope and wholeness.  It is her heart’s desire that what she imparts in these pages will encourage you to keep walking your journey, knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Actually, there is always a light, we just have to look up.  Please be inspired to keep walking… and, searching for the Light. ♥

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...inspirations for living!

"Don't be afraid of your tears.  They are
drops of gold that help to heal.
Tears of gold.  Tears of hope."
~Spruce Dickerson

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Love, Live, and Give is foundational for achieving contentment, joy and success.


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